Our policies and practices

D. Muscio is committed to providing you with engaging and evolutionary quality service.
Policy on ethical sourcing

D. Muscio Fine Jewelry Studio takes pride in being a steward of the environment and our world community. Therefore, all of our diamonds are conflict-free. Conflict-free diamonds are stones mined, cut, polished and distributed in ethical ways, with profits that do not fund war, terrorism, the drug trade or other criminal activity.

The Kimberley Process was set up to guide and monitor the diamond industry and is upheld by almost all governments of the world and by all the important diamond producing, cutting and distribution companies of the world. We only work with diamond cutters and dealers who guarantee their diamonds are sourced under Kimberley rules.

Responsibly sourced gemstones and metals

D. Muscio fine jewelry studio cares about the Earth, so we make our jewelry in the most careful and responsible way. We choose suppliers who care, too, and who make sure that these precious gems are mined responsibly as well. We use only recycled precious metals to make your fine jewelry. We select the most sustainable, low-impact sources possible for all products we use.

Quality assurance guarantee

D. Muscio fine jewelry studio pieces are handcrafted from the finest materials while subscribing to the highest standards of excellence in craftsmanship. Our designs are proprietary to D. Muscio fine jewelry studio. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; therefore, to ensure that we always exceed your expectations, we offer the following Quality Assurance Guarantee.

All of our pieces are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee against any craftsmanship defect. We strive to create beautiful works of art and therefore guarantee their workmanship. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your D. Muscio piece, you can bring it or mail it to our studio for inspection. If the problem is deemed to be caused by a manufacturing defect, D. Muscio will repair or replace the item without charge. This guarantee excludes all damage caused by abuse or normal wear.

Defining normal wear

As with all fine jewelry, normal wear does not include swimming, bathing, housework, sports, strenuous activity, accidental destruction, chemicals, acts of God and other such things that are unsuitable for fine jewelry or accidental.

If it is deemed by D. Muscio that the issue was caused by normal wear and tear, then, with your permission, we will charge you the cost for any materials (metal, diamonds, etc.) needed to make the repair. Slight irregularities and variations in metalsmith work and leather, or in natural stone colors and inclusions, are characteristic of the uniqueness and individual hand-craftsmanship of the product and should not be considered defects. The guarantee also does not cover safety chains, watchbands, watch crystals and watch batteries.

Please note that the large center stone in any ring is not included in our guarantee. Although diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, it is still possible to break or chip a diamond if struck with enough force at the right angle. We recommend all our customers take out an insurance policy on their ring, which covers loss and breakage of the center stone, as well as loss or theft of the ring as a whole.

As with any delicate artistic creation, care must be taken to ensure years of enjoyment. To maintain our Quality Assurance Guarantee, we suggest that you take advantage of D. Muscio’s free service policy and have your pieces professionally cleaned and inspected by D. Muscio at least once a year to ensure their integrity from daily wear. Please refer to Basic Fine Jewelry Care for things you can do to protect your piece.

All warranties are voided if the item has been worked on, including, but not limited to, sized, repaired, setting adjustments, ring modifications and engraving by a jeweler other than D. Muscio Fine Jewelry Studio.

For any further questions or to take advantage of your lifetime warranty on a piece purchased from us, please contact us at info@dmuscio.com or 404.846.3434.