Our studio services

Top jewelry artisan creates stylish and unique fine jewelry, and offers restorations, simple repairs, colored gemstones, diamond sales and more.
Custom jewelry design
Our talented team can create virtually anything that you desire. You name it — unique engagement rings, wedding bands, luxurious bracelets, statement necklaces, heirloom earrings, dog and horse inspired jewelry, jewelry for pets and more!
Jewelry restyling
Following the same process as our custom jewelry, restyling involves taking your existing piece of jewelry and updating it to your taste with a completely new setting, new style or additional gemstones.
Jewelry repair
Have a loose gemstone in your favorite piece of fine jewelry or a crack in your engagement ring? Don’t delay and risk further damage or loss. We can fix it for you.
Colored gemstone and diamond sales
We sell colored gemstones and diamonds. We typically source from local brokers and artisan cutters with an emphasis on ethically produced and quality materials.
Insurance replacement
We replace your insured fine jewelry items that have been lost or damaged. We work directly with both insurance companies and individuals — whichever works better for you.
Diamond brokerage
D. Muscio helps individuals appraise and broker their diamonds weighing 1ct and above.
Metal recycling
We purchase your precious metals (platinum, gold and silver) for a monetary return or as credit towards work performed at the studio.
After purchase services
D. Muscio pieces are meant to cherished and worn by generations. With the passage of time these works live with those that collect them, and are thus exposed to a myriad of influences, such as temperature differences, pollution and chemicals, occasional knocks and contact with differing surfaces, including the wearer’s own skin. As precious creations, these jewels deserve care and attention. D. Muscio can and will preserve your jewelry for years to come.

POLISHING SERVICE:  This service gives a D. Muscio piece back it’s sparkling appearance after it has become dull or received superficial scratching. This service is not available for rhodium plated jewelry.

REFINISHING SERVICE:  The refinishing service returns your D. Muscio piece to its original shine and brilliance without altering its shape. We recommend this service sparingly as a fine layer of metal is removed in this process. Please note refinishing cannot remove any scratches that are too deep.

RESIZING SERVICE:  This service is usually performed on a ring, necklace or bracelet and involves reducing or increasing the size of the item. It involves a series of delicate steps meticulously performed by our master jeweler. Note some designs do not lend themselves to resizing and the designer will note this in your consult.

RESTORATION SERVICE:  This service allows a damaged piece of jewelry to rediscover its attractiveness and original appearance. This service includes the following operations:

  • The consult and diagnosis;
  • Preparation of an estimate.

After the estimate has been accepted the restoration process is carried out according to the steps outlined in the estimate on-site by a master metalsmith.

REPRODUCTION SERVICE:  This service is recommended when it is technically impossible to adjust the size or repair a piece of jewelry, or if a part of a pair is lost.

Watch repair
We will repair your timepiece, from cracks in your watch’s face to scratches in its metal band, to make it look like it’s brand new again.